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    Personal Information-Father / Guardian

    Personal Information-Mother / Guardian

    Fill the following details if you have any other child studying in City American School.

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    I confirm that I am the child’s parent/guardian and the above information provided within this application form is correct. I confirm that if information is found to be incorrect the school reserves the right to withdraw an offer of a place. I understand that the application fee is non-refundable. Also, that place offer is subject to the availability and to the child having a successfully untaken any requested assessment.

    Required Documents for Registration

    Size limit: 3MB


    • The documents will be forwarded to the Ministry of Education for verification and approval
    • The school will not be responsible if the admission is not approved by the Ministry of Education due
      to incomplete or invalid documents

    How did you find out about City American School?

    NewspaperRadioTVFriends / FamilyInternetBill Board

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    CAS encourages our students to participate in extra-curricular activities to achieve higher academic success as they journey through their K-12 educational experiences.

    Extracurricular activities not only give your child a chance to relieve some stress, but they also encourage them to make new friends and build their self-esteem. They also keep children safe and protect them from any negative behavior. After school activities are a great solution to monitored time and fun far away from technology.

    Kindly put a tick mark in the areas of interest of your child.

    English/ Poetry ClubSpelling Bee ClubStory telling Club: “Tiny tales and lasting Memories”

    Non - Academic
    Art & Craft ClubDrama ClubCooking: “Little Master Chef” ClubCooking: “Little Master Chef” ClubSewing ClubSport Club: football soccer- Volleyball- Basketball-Taekwondo- KarateSchool Chorus/ ChoirGymnastic: “Focus, Balance, Amaze!Chess Club

    NOTE Any after school activities will have extra charges.